My Photo Gallery #2
The following pictures come ( pretty much directly ) from my Fuji FinePix F30.
No images were harmed ( photomanipulated ) in the making of this gallery.

Bald Bumble Bee on Bee Balm  Bald Bumble Bee on Bee Balm  Horse Mint flower with 4mm sized fly  Japanese Beetle X-Games  Japanese Beetle Mountian Climbing  Japanese Beetle Takes A Lunch Break
Abbi ( Now 2! ) Taking A Nappy  Carbon di-Sulphide Prism  A large power tetrode  RJ Is 5  Allen Electric Harpsichord Model A, c. 1963  Allen Harpsichord, Cover Open  Allen Harpsichord, Chassis Rolled Out  Allen Harpsichord, Transistor Amplifier
Miracle Plant, Just Add Water  Splath Plant Flower  Water and Electricity DO Mix.  This is a cool shot in that the wires mate up with the puddle in a marvelous way.  An Intelligent Design: Babies on the Outside!  Pink Yarrow  Gas Range Flame: Flame On  Gas Range Flame: Flame Off
FinePix F30 Shot of night sky.  Ok I cheated and adjusted levels with extreme prejudice.  Picture takes within 8m of several sodium street lamps.  Carbon Filament Bulb and Books  Microsoft Bob?  Bob Wafer?  Is this the Ladies Room?  Excuse Me, Do I Know You?  Oft Conspiring At Muhlenberg College  Muhlenberg, Picture Taken By Wireless Camera Strapped To A Hawk
If your phone ever stops working...  The One Ring, to make me take out garbage, mow lawn, mash spiders, ...  4th of July, 2006 - Best Fireworks Evva  Orange Dodders, Trexler Park, Allentown, PA  Clematis seeds with new down.  Common Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)  Lavender Pods  A big fly indeed
A Plump Rose Hip  Praying Mantis: Sometimes I Just Want To Feel Pretty  Praying Mantis: I Blend In, That's What I do  Big Nasty Larva  Annuan Cicada ( Tibicen Linnei )  Opposition Effect from sodium street light, high ISO  Heiligenschein and Opposition Effect
Ants herding aphids on sow thistle  More ants with domesticated aphids  Its not what you know, but who you know  Interesting fly on a walnut tree  Shaded eggs made by accident  Dyestuff from pink tablet and vinegar settles on top and shades the egg  Its not what you know, but who you know

TTP 2006 Conference - Provo Utah

From ORD to SLC: Sky  From ORD to SLC: Sky  Provo, Squaws Peak.  View of Orem at Night.  ( 1600 ISO )  Provo, Squaws Peak.  Sunrise washes over the valley.
Provo, Squaws Peak.  A bit wider valley view.  Provo, Squaws Peak.  180 degree pano, distorted.
Provo, Novell Campus.  100 degree pano.  Park City, Utah.  Bridal Veil Falls
Hand carry human eyes?   Eeewwwhh!  Gross!   Taken at ORD.  TSA officials hastled me after I took the shot claiming photography at ORD was prohibited for national security reasons.  Or was it that they don't know what HAND CARRY means?  (??) Scene from Timpanogos Park, I think.

Fuji Finepix F30 Extreme Macro

OK, I'm a nut about macro shots.  I love them.  So I was pretty happy with the FinePix F30's macro capabiility. And with macro, just like tele, the ability of the F30 to give good results with less light is of critical importance.  So I wondered if there was some way to go beyond this otherwise very acceptable performance. The following are experimental shots, all showing the full frame, except when noted.
 Standard F30 Tele Macro  Standard F30 Wide Macro  'Extreme' F30 Wide Macro  'Extreme' F30 Tele Macro
So from the images above you can see the usable maximum magnification or field size for the F30. Compared to Wide Angle Macro, the best magnification the F30 has to offer, the 'Extreme' Telephoto Macro offers about 4x linear magnification! In addition, this minimum focal length is about 4cm, which is actually far enough to get good lighting.  Here are some nicer shots demonstrating this capability, again all are full frame, not crops!
 This is a small 4mm diameter flower on top of a wood post using the wide macro version.  This is the tiny bud from the shot to the left using the tele macro version.  Partial serial number from a Canadian 5 Dollar note.  These are the tiny buds of unopened Bee Balm, no more than 1mm in diameter.
Well you can see that many of these are 800 or 1600 ISO shots. Because 4x magnification means 16th the light, only the brightest subjects will have enough light to avoid long exposures or higher ISO.  This is OK because the F30 can work at higher speed. All shots were handheld, with a tripod some of them could have been improved. There is obvious distortion, CA, and other problems.  Some of these problems can be overcome, some cannot.
 Before...  After...  Spiny sowthistle (Sonchus asper) - Somewhat blurry because of high ISO, but the petals are very translucent.  Coral Bell Flower, about 3mm - Reveals normally unseen secretion of droplets on hairs covering the flower and stems.
 Sex in the bushes: Asian Lily Stamens  Sex in the bushes: Asian Lily Stamens  Sex in the bushes: Asian Lily Pistol  Graphocephala Coccinea ( Red Banded Leaf Hopper ) on Asian Lilly  Closeup of Graphocephala Coccinea ( Red Banded Leaf Hopper ) on Asian Lilly

All Photos Taken and (C)opyright Robert Charles Mahar.
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