Traffic Shaping and Bandwidth Management For Novell NetWare

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Video Library

The following videos are AVI files using MP3 audio codec and the Camtasia ( TechSmith ) lossless screen codec.   This format provides for small files size and high quality representation of screen images.   Recent versions of Windows Media Player should include MP3 playback capability.  You will need to obtain and install the TSCC Codec to view these AVI's.

TSE 3.2.0 QuickStart
Includes initial installation  of the TSE on you server, installing the Config Tool, Using the Config Tool, and the creation of a simple configuration to manage HTTP traffic in / out of a single interface. A general example of how to rate limit a particular TCP or UDP service such as HTTP, SMTP, inter-MTA traffic, etc.
TSE 3.2.0 Packet Capture
Demonstrates using the TSE to capture traffic to packet capture files, viewing these files using Ethereal, and discussion of other uses. Same pattern could be used to perform any arbitrary action including auditing, filtering, etc.
TSE 3.2.0 Penalty Box
Demonstrates using the TSE to create a penatly box for workstations that are generating unwanted or forbibben network traffic. Ideal for automatically disrupting / modifying access for virus infected workstations or abusive users using P2P software banned by corporate policy. Same basic pattern can be used to modify workstations access to a restricted set of services when workstations go rogue.
Last Modified 11-04-2004
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