Traffic Shaping and Bandwidth Management For Novell NetWare

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Purchasing The TSE

Buy It Now! Use our on-line store at SWREG, the worlds oldest on-line software reseller for independent developers.   Through WSREG, we accept domestic and international orders on all major credit cards as well as other popular payments methods.   The easiest way for our international customers to purchase their licenses.    Additional options are listed below.

For additional details see the Ordering section of the TSE 3.2.0 Brochure .  


The TSE is licensed per server on which you need to run the TSE, typically a NetWare server running Border Manager or acting as your internet router.  You may also want to run the TSE on other servers, such as those running web based services, GroupWise, eDirectory, or any other NetWare server where you would want to manage traffic going in an out of the server.   The TSE is licensed for a particular server based on server name.   You can also choose to purchase an enterprise license which can be used on any of your servers.   If you have a situation where our licensing or pricing structure does not really apply to your organization, please contact.


You recieve the TSE 3.2.0 installation files, documentation, and license codes electronically.   You are entitled to standard support via e-mail, as well as software updates to latest TSE code for 1 year.   We will help you get the TSE up and running quickly.

Standard E-Mail Support

You are entitled to Standard E-Mail Support for 1 year from the purchase of your TSE licenses.   Standard support via e-mail provides you with a means to ask questions, get solutions, and resolve problems with your TSE installation.   We try to respond within 12 to 72 hours as available.  Those who have opted for Premium E-Mail Support have priority and will have their issues addressed first.    

Premium E-Mail Support

For an additional 25% of the purchase price of your TSE order, you can enroll in our Priority E-Mail Support program.   This program puts your incident at the top of the list and ensures that it receives the highest possible priority.  It allows us to provide better service for those who really need it.


Please review the ordering information in the TSE 3.2.0 Brochure .  Your order should include at least 1 technical contact e-mail address, and a list of the names of the servers to be licensed to we can expedite license code generation.

You can place your order via:

  • E-Mail your purchase order to info@trafficshaper.com
  • Mail your purchase order to: 
    Robert Charles Mahar
    904 N. 19th Street
    Allentown PA, 19104 USA
  • Purchase at our SWREG Shop: Buy It Now!  via all major credit cards from any country on the planet.

We accept payments directly via:

  • Domestic ( US ) bank checks drawn on US banks in US dollars
  • Domestic ( US ) or International Money Order in US dollars
  • International Orders via credit card and other payments through SWREG
  • On-line payments via PayPal to "info@trafficshaper.com"

Purchase orders accepted for well established organizations with Net-30 terms.

Refunds and Returns

Please review the ordering information in the TSE 3.2.0 Brochure for full details.   Since you can try out the TSE before placing your order, we will not be in a position to refund the license fees after a licence code has been provided.

License Agreement

You can review the License Agreement prior to purchase.

Last Modified 08-06-2005
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