Traffic Shaping and Bandwidth Management For Novell NetWare

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The Traffic Shaping Engine Adds Value To Your Investment in the Novell Ecosystem

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Bob Mahar, the creator of the Traffic Shaping Engine for NetWare, has developed solutions for Novell customers for 20 years.   But he also manages networks, just like you.   So you know the main focus of the TSE is stability and reliability.   The TSE has a 6 year track record of exceptional stability, even under extreme conditions.   It is infrastructure quality, designed for years of uptime, just like the rest of your network equipment.

The TSE's underlying technology is massively scalable.   A single commodity Intel based server running NetWare can apply distinct data rates to millions of flows.   For example, one wireless phone provider needed to assign each of its 680,000 subscribers a different level of IP service.   This same technology can be used as the primary bandwidth system for any size enterprise.
The Novell Ecosystem
The Traffic Shaping Engine for NetWare is a transparent bandwidth management package that works with all NetWare based services.   You can regulate the amount of bandwidth consumed by BorderManager, GroupWise, ZenWorks, NetWare based technologies such as iPrint, iFolder, and NetStorage.   The TSE also offer several utility features which can help you monitor, manage, and troubleshoot these services.
OES NetWare
NetWare 4.x - 6.5
If you already have NetWare, the TSE enhances your investment by adding powerful bandwidth management, monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting capabilities.   You can use the TSE to manage any traffic passing through or generated by your NetWare server.   The TSE is the ideal tool to rate limit or prioritize applications and services.   Tame bandwidth hogging backups, ensure web based services get required bandwidth, and log any network traffic in and out of the server.

If your NetWare server acts as your router to the Internet or WAN, it can serve as the point of management for that traffic, eliminating costly hardware based rate shapers, like Packeteer's PacketShaper.

The TSE is also a complete toolkit for troubleshooting network issues with your NetWare platform.  The TSE has even been used by Novell customers obtain critical evidence to assist Novell engineers in fixing difficult to resolve issues.     The TSE can  monitor and audit traffic, continuously record / capture traffic to disk, perfom ECB level logging, real-time ECB leak detection, spin detection, and other features.   The TSE is also able to filter and inspect traffic before TCPIP "sees" it, offers activity based filters, and many other technical capabilities.
Novell Branch Office
Branch Office is a great solution.   But managing the bandwidth needs of multiple locations and web services can be a challenge.   The TSE can be used in the central office to manage the bandwidth demands of eDirectory, LDAP, RSYNC, backup and restore, and so on.
Novell GroupWise
GroupWise is a robust and resilient collaboration tool - immune to most viruses and scalable from the smallest office to the largest enterprise.   But like similar products, with great power comes increased bandwidth demands.   The TSE can be used to limit or prioritize GroupWise related traffic, including POA to POA traffic as well as SMTP.  
Novell Border Manager
Using BorderManager for VPN or Proxy is great, but the TSE provides the missing piece to the puzzle: bandwidth management.

Last Modified 10-31-2005
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