Traffic Shaping and Bandwidth Management For Novell NetWare

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The Inexpensive and Effective Bandwidth Manager and Traffic Shaper for Novell NetWare.   New Prescription Strength TSE 3.2.0!

New Video Library . See how in 20 minutes you can configure the TSE to rate limit, audit, packet capture, or create penalty boxes ( activity based filters ). Practical advice from real TSE users.

The TSE Works With NetWare based services including

Netware 4.x - 6.5Border Manager 3.0 - 3.8OES NetWareGroupWise 5.x - 7.0

And manages any traffic: WAN, LAN, or Internet, routed through the server.  Get the TSE!

Try the Traffic Shaping Engine "TSE" for NetWare 4.xx - 6.5 and OES NetWare!    The TSE is a flexible rule based system to identify, group, and apply data rates to network traffic flowing through your NetWare server.  The TSE offers Priority Queuing, Packet Capture, Connection Auditing, DiffServ / TOS tagging, AQM congestion control, programmable filtering, and scales to millions of individually managed TCP connections.    Transparently works with all NetWare based Services like Border Manager, GroupWise, eDirectory, AMP, and more to give you control over both LAN, WAN, and Internet traffic.  Read the Overview below.

TSE 3.2.0 is now available for the introductory price of $349*

Now you can manage the bandwidth for any protocol or interface on your Novell NetWare 4.xx, 5.x and 6.x servers.  The Traffic Shaping Engine NLM acts as a powerful bandwidth manager, transparently regulating network traffic on your NetWare server.  You can identify, group, and apply a several different bandwidth management techniques to any desired traffic.  See the full list of Features for details

The Traffic Shaping Engine can be used to manage both Internet and LAN bandwidth, IPX and IP traffic, and apply data rates to up to 8,000,000 simultaneous connections.  It is also a verastile toolkit to perform complex filtering, programmable packet capture, and even create "penalty boxes" for workstations sending prohibited traffic.  The Traffic Shaping Engine requires very little memory and imposes negligible overhead.  This traffic shaper can be used on older servers and even the slowest Pentium is capable of managing >> T1 speed connections.  A simple, efficient bandwidth management solution for Novell shops.   The TSE is also a great add-on for Novell Small Business Suite. 

If you use Border Manager, Novell's web servers, iPrint, iFolder, Novell Internet Messaging System, Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache on NetWare, NIAS, or GroupWise WebAccess, and any other NetWare based service, why not add bandwidth management capabilities as well?  Its easy, its inexpensive, and it works!

* TSE 3.2 is available for $349 per server on which you run the TSE.     Typically this would be a server acting as your router to the internet running NIAS or Border Manager.   Other licensing options make the TSE affordable for all the servers in your organization, large or small.  A 20% discount is available for all non-profit institutions making the TSE even more affordable.
Last Modified 11-02-2005
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